Networked Learning Project

When I moved to Alaska three years ago, I had never been on a snowmachine (snowmobile) in my life. Here they’re incredibly commonplace and one of the easiest ways to strike up a conversation and connect with my students. During the holiday break in my second year, I bought a 2003 Polaris RMK 800. Within a couple weeks, it overheated and the engine needed to be partially rebuilt. The bill for the work convinced me that I should probably figure out how to do my own work. At the end of the winter last year, the gasoline started to collect inside my exhaust pipe. I found that this problem wouldn’t occur if I turned off the gas line when I was using the machine. A little research told me that I likely have dirty carburetors, allowing the gas to trip through the engine. As fall is coming fast and winter will be here soon, I’d like to prepare the snowmachine before it gets cold. Which brings me to our newest assignment for the CEP 810 course, a Networked Learning Project. We are to learn something new using only and online forums. I’m specifically planning to learn how to clean the carburetors on my snowmachine and more generally about the engine and stopping the dripping gas.


So far I’ve found a number of YouTube videos discussing different methods for cleaning carburetors (carbs), but it has been difficult to find my exact machine.  The different methods for cleaning should all be transferable, but I’ll need to dig deeper to find the proper way to take off my specific carbs.  I’ve also found a few different forums that appear to be dedicated to the discussion of carburetors, but have yet to read through them.

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