Getting Things Done

This week, I created a WunderList account. I am updating my current reminder system, which has me constantly carrying at least one 3×5 notecard in my back pocket. WunderList provides a simple way to upgrade my list keeping. I generally have my cell phone with me, so it has been an easy transition from a notecard to WunderList.   Being able to use the app on my phone and on my computer has been great. During the school day, I turn my cell phone off, but can still access my lists on my computer. I completely agree with David Allen, in his TED Talk, that it’s important to write things down and clear space in your head. I think this is especially true with all that’s happening during the school day. I also like that I can share lists with other people. This has helped me and my girlfriend to stay more organized with our to do list at home. I haven’t had any complaints or constraints as of yet, but I’ve only been working with it for a week.

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