New Class to “Mix It Up”

This week I started my CEP 811 Adapting Innovative Technology to Education class.  From what I hear, this course will involve a lot of creating, so hopefully it will be pretty fun.  One of our first assignments was to create a remix video focused on a educational technology buzzword.  I choose the phrase “Lifelong Learner.”  I choose this term/phrase for two reasons.  One, I truly love the idea of continuing to learn and develop myself.  I think that with today’s access to information I can do most anything myself.  That idea is incredibly empowering and I hope others have a similar feeling.  Maybe I’ve just been too trusting of when when my mother told me I can do anything, but I don’t think so.  The second reason I choose lifelong learning is that I feel too many of my students think of high school as a hurdle rather than a launching point.  I’m trying not to be too pessimistic, but we have a low percentage of students that attempt college or secondary training and lower yet that successfully complete college.  Whenever I can I try to engender an appreciation for knowledge acquisition within my students and push them in a direction that prepares them to learn independently.  One of the most important things primary school can do is help a student find the way they learn best, so they are prepared to learn whatever they may need to in their lives.

With that in mind I made the “remix” video below about lifelong learning (Click here if embedded content does not play).  The video is centered on the idea that lifelong learning has changed some.  We now have a more diverse group of and incredibly productive tools to accompany our old tools.  But, these tools are coming from a changing world in which it can be difficult keep up.  This changing world has people constantly learning about new technologies and innovations both for their careers and their daily lives. Because of this constant change, it’s imperative for people to continue to learn throughout their lives and will likely become even more important as it seems that the rate that technology advances is only increasing.


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