Back At It, With New Tools

After taking a hiatus from the MAET Program at MSU to focus on the Aniak Wrestling Team, I’m back at it in CEP 812: Applying Educational Technology to Problems of Practice.  I’d like to to briefly mention the wrestling team had a successful season sending 100% of the athletes to the State Tournament, all two of them made it!  Hopefully that success will lead to increased numbers next year.

My first assignment for CEP 812 was to define a problem of practice and a solution for said problem based in technology.  I choose the well defined problem of teaching the Distributive Property.  My tool to teach concept is the Khan Academy website.  I explain some of my tool in my first ever screencast that can be seen here, I like the Khan Academy because it allows students to take what they need.  They can re-watch the videos, they can ask for hints and problem explanations, and they can move on if the have the concept figured out.  There is also a wealth of feedback that the teacher can receive about their students’ progress.  Especially for less abstract concepts, I think students greatly benefit from the Khan Academy.

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