Technology for a Learning Disability

This week in my CEP 812 class, we were asked to research a specific learning disability and a technology that would be useful for the education of students’ with the disability.  With a high prevalence of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) in the area I teach, I thought this would be a good opportunity to learn about the physical and mental defects associated with FAS.  I believe a program called MobyMax will help these students.  I discuss FAS and MobyMax further in a short paper I wrote, but here is a short synopsis of the discussion.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is caused by consumption of alcohol during pregnancy.  Kyskan and Moore (2005) inform us that “Maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy places the fetus at risk for a number of neurological abnormalities and functional impairments” and “The majority of research indicates that no amount of alcohol consumption is known to be safe.”  FAS is preventable when the proper steps are taken during pregnancy however, if someone does consume alcohol they’re running a risk.  The neurological abnormalities and impairments that Kyskan and Moore mentioned include intellectual fluidity, behavioral issues, physical features, and inability to focus.

To aid students suffering from FAS using the program MobyMax to help fill in gaps in their math education.  The behavioral and fluidity issues that these students suffer from lead to many gaps in their education.  MobyMax, specifically Moby Math (the math portion of the program) does a good job of diagnosing holes in a students education and working to fill those wholes.

Kyskan, C., & Moore, T. (2005). Global Perspectives on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Assessing Practices, Policies, and Campaigns in Four English-Speaking Countries. Canadian Psychology, 46(3), 153-65.

2 thoughts on “Technology for a Learning Disability

  1. Todd,

    It is frustrating to have to deal with a disorder such as this that leaves so many students in the gray area between special education and functioning at grade level. Does your school have experience using MobyMax? I am just wondering if you are using it as a Tier One or Tier Two intervention. It looks like a great tool for our RTI tutoring groups. I like the fact that it focuses on areas of deficit rather than general performance level. Thanks for your insight.



  2. They have more experience using the program at the elementary level in my village. At my sight, 7-12 grades, we have used it for a handful of special needs students with success.


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