Second time around for a Remix

Lifelong Learning

In a previous class I made a short remix video about being a lifelong learner.  Linked to this blog is that video remixed to focus on the importance of lifelong learning to a maker culture.  In order for people to create and innovate in truly unique ways it’s important to build on previous creations and knowledge.  With this in mind, it is imperative for individuals and groups to continue to learn throughout their lives in order to create.  In the not too distant past, people had limited access to information.  They needed to attend university, access a library, or a knowledgeable person to gain a great deal of knowledge.  Today, most anything can be learned through digital experiences within the comforts one’s home.  The access to information and technology today has completely changed the face of maker culture and opened avenues for anyone to create in ways that are no longer limited to one’s upbringing and personal experiences.  Here is a short remix video about lifelong learning as a part of maker culture.


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