Growth in CEP 811

I think during my CEP 811 class the one thing that has stood out to me more than anything else is that I need to be less anxious and passive about technology use within my own classroom.  I’m often unsure of my own ability with newer forms of technology, especially with how tech savvy some of my students can be.  I need to keep in mind that my anxiety and lack of knowledge can be considered an asset or at least a tool of demonstration to students.  More often than not, educators are already and expert in their particular field and are able to work through how they might think through a problem or situation, but when they are already so knowledgeable, their perspective is significantly different than their students’.  The introduction of new technologies and maker inspired lessons can allow the educator to not only teach their content but model the learning process for students. Another reason I need to be less passive about the use of new technologies, is that while being required to try new things as part of the coursework, I found how user friendly technologies are becoming.  Most programs are fairly intuitive to use and if you run into a snag, generally there is a YouTube video explaining how to deal with it or at least a comment in a forum from someone with the same problem.  This is fantastic for both me as learner and educator as well as for my students as they transition into more independent learners themselves.  After being introduced to, playing with, and exploring possible applications of technologies to education, now I need to simply make a point of actually doing it.

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